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Royalty reigns at annual Newport Winter Carnival


Every year, citizens of Newport gather together as a community to host the Winter Carnival. One of the favorite events is always the Winter Carnival Pageant.

The pageant queen contestants take part in performing a talent, answering onstage questions, walk in an evening gown and participate in an interview with the judges before the evening of the pageant.

Another audience favorite is the princes and princesses participants. These are a group of second graders who perform on stage as well.

This year’s queen contestants are Hannah Everitt, senior; Claudia Biron, senior; Danielle Cherry, junior; Jasmine Patenaude, junior; Emma Kibbie, senior; Aspen Toliver, senior; Kyrstin Kibbey, senior.

A few of the queens were princesses in the pageant when they were younger and say that previous experience greatly influenced their decision to take part in the pageant this year.

Biron and Toliver participated in the pageant as juniors, which also influenced them. For instance, Toliver stated that, “I want to have another great experience. Last year I gained an amazing family and I’m hoping I have yet another bond with a different group of people.”  

The contestants who were not princesses when they were younger remarked that an important factor in their participation was to try something new that they missed when they were younger.

Patenaude hasn’t had previous experience but was influenced by others and herself to go for it. “I thought it was time for me to get out of my comfort zone, put more of myself out there.”

Many of the girls were influenced by their close friends and family. Many people’s favorite part of the night is seeing the many talents that the girls will display. Most of the girls chose their talents based off of what they are most comfortable with and what they do well.

The contestants and town members look forward to this pageant, however it can be nerve wracking to go on stage in front of an audience. Everitt states, “I’m nervous to walk on stage in heels, because I’m known to be quite clumsy sometimes.” Others are nervous for the talent portion, but the excitement is greater than nervousness.

The girls are very much enjoying working together and savoring the experience. The contestants love being able to participate in this special town event and encourage others to take part in the amazing experience.

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