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Cool but not chilly

The daily temperatures cooled down with the start of a new weather week o Monday, Aug. 4. As a plus, the muggy days disappeared, allowing for some cooler and more pleasant days.

For students heading back to school for the start of another year, the countdown has begun with some schools opening before Labor Day and the rest on the Tuesday following Labor Day.

At 9:30 a.m. on Thursday, Aug. 10, the Mount Washington Observatory was in the clouds with visibility of 25 feet. The temperature was 48 degrees and rocks on the ground were damp.

Those rocks stayed damp for most of the week with rain falling on six straight days in small amounts with a total of a little more than half an inch.

Week in Review
Date High Low Precip.

Aug. 7 76 50 0.04

Aug, 8 75 59 0.19

Aug, 9 81 54 0.16

Aug. 10 82 52 0.01

Aug. 11 79 62 0.04

Aug. 12 78 63 0.11

Aug. 13 79 63 0.00  

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